Background Checks

When you need to get the scoop on someone you know a discount background check promising an immediate report is just not going to cut it.  Nashville Investigative Services goes to great lengths to make sure we are giving you an accurate, informative report in a timely manner.  It won't come back in 30 seconds because we validate information to the best of our ability and dig a little deeper prior to supplying reports to our clients.

TV Screens

Whether you are searching for a child’s parents prior to an adoption or are needing to find a missing heir to an estate our Diligent Search is right for you.  Our investigators follow State Guidelines to ensure that your search is in compliance with the Law.  When Nashville Investigative Services personnel are on the case you can relax knowing that we will conduct a thorough search.  Please contact us through Facebook or email if you have any questions or call anytime!


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