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Questions others have asked about Private Investigations

I think my spouse is cheating on me, should I hire a private investigator?

Yes, if you think they are cheating they probably are. At a minimum it points to trouble in your relationship. Hiring a private investigator will either confirm your suspicions or refute them. Either way is a win for you. Once you have information in hand you can then decide whether to heal the relationship or go your separate ways.

How long will an investigation take?

There is not a canned answer for this one. Some investigations require only one evening of surveillance and others take place over months. Much of the difference depends on the frequency of the suspected activity and your prior knowledge of other specifics such as who else is involved and where it takes place. Most cases involving child custody or cheating spouses are wrapped up within a couple of weeks.

What makes your Background Check better than the plethora of those I can find online?

Most of what you find online for a nominal fee are background checks that are generated from search engines. True, we use information services as well to conduct background checks but for us that is just the starting point. Once we have information on a subject we begin vetting it for accuracy. Much of the information we sift through has nothing to do with the subject of the investigation. Many Background Checks also require us to send an investigator to physically retreive documents from government and other sources.

What are your rates?

After speaking with you about the details of your case we will either set a flat rate (used primarily for background checks, skip traces, and the like) or a retainer. The rates are based upon the estimated amount of time and investigation that will go in to us accomplishing your goal. If it seems your case will be wrapped up in one evening the retainer will be much lower than a different investigation that is asking us to establish a pattern of habit on a subject.

Is our communication confidential?

Yes. Private investigators obey similar rules to attorneys in that respect. We cannot and will not provide information to anyone that asks (not even the police) until they can produce a subpoeana or court order. However, information we learn during our investigation is discoverable by the opposing attorneys. If that is a concern to you please hire an attorney first and have your attorney call us. Information we discover while working for an attorney is considered the work product of that attorney and will not be discoverable to the opposing parties.

What are your payment options?

We accept Debit/Credit Cards, PayPal, and Cash.

Should I hire an attorney before hiring a Private Investigator?

Most clients hire us prior to or around the same time they hire their attorney. In cases where there is a cheating spouse we often get hired first because our clients want to know for certain that their spouse is having an affair prior to spending money on an attorney. That being said, if you already have an attorney it would be best if you paid them to hire us directly. Any information our investigation uncovers will then be considered work product of your attorney and will not be discoverable to the opposing parties.


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