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Pricing for process serving summonses is based on the number of attempts to complete the service and the driving distance of the address from the State Capitol as measured by Google.


Here are our prices by volume of summonses per client per week.  This price is good for two attempts on each summons.  If the summons is not served the fee is still due.


  • $95 per summons 1 to 3 summonses

  • $85 per summons 4 to 6 summonses

  • $75 per summons 7 or more summonses


The first 25 miles from the State Capitol (600 Charlotte Avenue) are included in your fee.  Fees for distances past 25 miles are calculated at the rate of $2 per mile.  For instance, a summons that is exactly 40 driving miles from the State Capitol will cost an additional $30 per attempt (40 miles-25 miles =15 miles, 15 x $2 = $30).  Discounts will be considered if you have multiple summonses for the same geographical area.  


Ways to keep your costs down

  • Always wait until you have at least 4 summonses

  • Pool summonses with others in your firm

  • Have a good name and phone number for the person you are wanting served

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